From Small Chapels & Sanctuaries to Large Worship Auditoriums

Church Interiors Inc. is the nation's leading all-in-one church renovation specialist with 40 years of exclusive church facilities experience.

Quick Installation Projects &  Services

  • New Seating - Theater Seating, Pews,  and Chairs
  • Existing Seating- Reupholstery, Refinishing and Restoration
  • Flooring - Carpet, LVT, Porcelain Tile,  and Hardwood
  • Lighting - Standard &  Custom LED fixtures plus installation
  • Painting - Regional Certified Crews, Our Designer's Paint Colors
  • Interior Design - We help select everything you need
  • Audio/Video/Lighting - Design and Installation plus Streaming
  • Stained Glass - New and Restoration

Full Services for Complete Renovation Projects

  • Free Initial Consultation - Regional Representatives
  • Architectural Design- Save costs with our design team
  • Construction - From painting, carpentry, electrical,... all services
  • Seating - Theater Seating, Pews,  and Chairs
  • Interior Design - We help select everything you need
  • Audio/Video/Lighting - Design and Installation plus Streaming
  • Master Plans- Programming and planning for entire facilities- Fellowship Halls, Offices, Youth Areas, Preschools and more

Modern Renovations

Frequently during modern renovations, we remove outdated features like pews, chancel furnishings and replace them with new, modern seating options such as worship style theatre seating and church chairs. We also redesign and remodel the platform to gain more worship flexibility for church bands, musical shows and seasonal events. Our project consultants and designers will recommend modern flooring options like modular carpet, hard tile, laminated and hardwood flooring, stone flooring and concrete refinishing. Church Interiors also provides the latest in audio/video technologies and performance lighting to help enhance your congregation’s worship experience. Our new LED church lighting can help provide your space with efficient lighting with an exciting feel. Below is a list of projects you may find during a typical contemporary renovation:

  • Sheetrock Repair and Painting
  • Platform Redesign and Remodeling
  • New Carpet and Tile
  • New Worship Style theatre Seating
  • Theatre Seating Restoration
  • New Church Chairs
  • New Choir Chairs
  • LED Church Lighting
  • New Modern Pulpits and Chancel Furnishings
  • Vestibule Renovations & Furnishings

Traditional Renovations

Our project consultants and craftsmen understand the importance of preserving the historical significance of your church sanctuary or chapel. We offer various ways to modify your platform to gain more flexibility while respecting your church’s unique architecture. Church Interiors has a network of plaster repair specialists, experienced church painters and artists that have perfected their craft over many years of service. Ornate plaster and wooden crown moldings, as well as decorative millwork can be restored so that many more generations can enjoy the church’s original architectural features. Our experts are able to restore and even replicate original church furnishings like pews, chairs and chancel furnishings. We also provide stained glass window restoration for your church’s antique stained glass, in addition to new, custom stained glass windows. Our goal during traditional and historical renovations is to preserve and enhance your church sanctuary’s architectural details, while updating other materials like carpet, fabric and furnishings and the audio and video equipment. Below is a list of projects that you may find during a typical traditional renovation:

  • Platform Redesign and Remodeling
  • Painting & Plaster Repair
  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing
  • Pews & Chancel Furniture Restoration
  • Pew Upholstery & Pew Cushions
  • Antique Lighting Restorations (LED & Fluorescent)
  • New Architectural Lighting
  • New Carpet, Tile and Stone Flooring
  • New Choir Chairs & Chancel Furnishings
  • Baptistery Renovations
  • New Baptisteries
  • Audio / Video Upgrades
  • Narthex Renovations and Furnishings

Master Planning

As a church design-build general contractor, Church Interiors can assist with master planning as a turnkey entity or partner with another designer or builder. Our experience and training give us the tools to help you plan for the future, today. Whether it’s a plan for growth on your current property or the expansion of multiple facilities, you need a detailed design approach. Church Interiors will produce a unique design package at a significant cost savings compared to the traditional method of architecture and contracting.

Our team utilizes 40 years of experience in church architecture and liturgical interior design. The quality of our craftsmen and crews implement the design our team and partners put together with your input for a sustainable growth plan. Call us today to find a Church Interiors Consultant in your area and learn more on how we can help you plan for the future.

Interior Design & 3-D Renderings

Our Interior Designers and Liturgical Designers work with churches exclusively and are sensitive to all styles of worship. Church Interiors offers design services that focus on providing worship flexibility and timeless style.

  • 40 years of experience in liturgical design
  • Platform redesigns for worship flexibility
  • High quality fabrics and carpets
  • Contemporary and Traditional Design
  • Historical Restorations
  • 3D renderings & designer boards

Catholic Church Renovations

The historical preservation and restoration of Catholic churches is one of our specialties. From conception to completion our renovation specialists are dedicated to providing your church with the highest quality craftsmanship possible. From pew refinishing to decorative and ornate painting and chancel furnishings our team of consultants and designers are here to help. Church Interiors can provide your church with interior design and 3 dimensional renderings of the proposed project to help with fund raising. Below is a list of products and services that are unique to Catholic Church Renovations:

  • Interior Design and 3-D Renderings
  • Plaster Repair
  • Decorative Painting
  • Stenciling
  • Glazing & Gilding
  • Murals
  • New Solid Wood Pews
  • Pew & Altar Refinishing
  • Stone & Tile Flooring
  • Flooring Medallions
  • New Lighting
  • New Ambos & Sanctuary Altars
  • New Kneelers

Additions & Expansions

Church Interiors provides design-build construction services for any type of church project. Whether you’ve long outgrown your current space or are experiencing increased attendance, you need expert input on how to accommodate your congregation. Our team of architects, consultants and construction experts combine your needs, goals and worship style with a data-driven approach to any addition or expansion. As Certified Church Consultants, Church Interiors representatives and partners listen to and work with your committee to coordinate the design and implementation of your project by weighing the feasibility of several options. Our experience in working exclusively with churches gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to producing measurable results in maximizing space, improving flow and producing a new and thoughtful addition to your church facility.

New Construction Projects

At Church Interiors we also assist other architects and contractors with their new construction projects. Church Interiors is the manufacturer's representative for seating, flooring, stained glass, and a variety of other products and services such as our Audio-Video and Lighting division. Below is a list of projects you may find during a new construction project:

  • Interior Design
  • New Pews
  • Pew Restoration
  • New Theater Seating
  • New Church Chairs
  • New Chancel Furnishings
  • Church Carpet & Flooring
  • New Stained Glass Windows
  • LED Church Lighting
  • Audio / Video / Performance Lighting