Theater Seating

Fixed audience theater seating offers places of worship the benefits of a defined seating space. Theatre seating also provides more seating capacity and offers an exceptional long term value.

  • Increase useable seating capacity
  • Add value to your project
  • Ergonomic theater seating
  • Easy maintenance & repair
  • Straight or curved seating
  • Quiet rise seats eliminates noise
  • Flip up armrests
  • Free seating layouts
  • Ideal for balcony installations with limited space


Church Interiors, Inc. is the manufacturer's representative for Rugel Church Furnishings. A leader in solid oak and maple designs, Church Interiors offers the latest in Traditional, Modern and Colonial furniture offered by Rugel. No particleboard is used in construction. Upholstered church pew bodies are reinforced with a solid oak inner-frame. All components are screwed together into solid oak or solid maple and are guaranteed not to come loose for the life of the installation. Colonial ends are 2 1/4" thick solid maple and have a true raised panel route with extra sharp corners. Models come in a variety of pew bodies. Choose from fully upholstered, seat only or solid wood church pews.

  • Solid Oak Pew Ends
  • Solid Oak Supports
  • Solid Oak Inner-frames
  • Solid Oak Book Racks
  • Custom Designs
  • Custom Replications
  • Concealed Fasteners
  • Fabric Armor
  • Protected Fabrics
  • Lifetime Installation Guarantee
  • No Particle Board
  • No Veneer
  • No Butcher Block


Church Interiors, Inc. offers several different types of seating options.

Chancel Furnishings

Traditional Series church clergy chairs are available 42" high for the center chair and 40" high for the side chairs. These chairs are suitable for traditional or colonial chancel areas within your church. Our pulpits can also be fit into any décor or style of worship. Browse our online store today to see how we can bring your church or sanctuary remodeling project together with interior decorating and chancel furnishings.

  • Modern, Traditional and Colonial Styles
  • Custom Furniture Available
  • Church Clergy Chairs, Kneelers, Baptismal Fonts and more...
  • Removable Modesty Screens
  • Pulpits

LED Lighting & Dimmer Controls

All of our new church lighting models are available with LED or Fluorescent ballasts. Increase your sanctuary’s lighting capacity by 400-500% and save on your electric bill. Our church lighting also requires less maintenance with an average bulb life of 10 years. All of our models are also dimmable and lighting packages are available, complete with dimmable LED modules. Enjoy less heat from your LED lighting, less wattage and less maintenance. We also offer LED Recessed Can lighting.

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Audio / Video / Performance Lighting

Each system is designed for the individual sanctuary and worship style. CIAv is an authorized dealer for all major brands of sound, video and lighting. Installation, training, and service is provided by our team of certified technicians during your renovations. The CIAv team includes a PHD in acoustics, ICIA CTS-I, and an AMX / Extron Master Control System. Our sales engineers will meet with you to help specify an appropriate solution within your church renovation budget. We are designers of your structural, electrical and HVAC systems to insure seamless integration of our products.

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  • Audio Traditional & contemporary systems designed for your church or sanctuary space and budget.
  • Video High Definition cameras & projectors, recording & multi-site distribution.
  • Lighting Traditional & contemporary performance lighting featuring LED and robotic Instruments.
  • Acoustics Full analysis & modeling capability for existing and new church or sanctuary construction.