Pew Upholstery

At Church Interiors, Inc., you'll find experienced, qualified craftsmen who've worked diligently over the years to perfect our reupholstering techniques.

Pew upholstery is our specialty, and we offer affordable and beautiful options for your church furniture.

  • 40 years experience upholstering church pews.
  • Factory upholstering techniques used on-site.
  • Available with our NEW stain resistant fabrics.
  • On-Site Upholstery costs 1/3 the cost of new pews.
  • All work done on-site without interruption of Sunday services.
  • Using our own crews we can reupholster any church pews for less cost than the original manufacturer.
  • Pew repairs and on-site refinishing available.
  • Pew upholstery costs less than pew cushions.

Over the years we have found that hand stretching will not stretch the fabric tightly and evenly. We use the same stretching method as our pew manufacturer and set it up at the church. We then mechanically stretch the fabric very tight from end to end and uniformly across the front edge. Your newly upholstered pews will look as good as the original factory appearance.

Note:  High UV fabrics and Liquid Repelling fabrics are available.   Inquire for more information.

Our Fabrics Repel Liquids

I-clean Logo
  • i-cleanTM fabrics are high performance fabrics engineered for extreme comfort, durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Utilizing Nano-based technology, spills bead up and sit on the fabric until they are gently blotted with a cloth for clean-up.
  • With their moisture repellency and stain resistance, i-cleanTM fabrics make it easy to keep your pews looking and feeling brand new.

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