Platform Design and Construction

Multiple levels on your sanctuary platform, a growing musical presence and additional services, piles of cables, instruments and choir risers competing with the pulpit area, are just a few of the issues that will compel the exploration of a new platform design. Like any church construction project, big or small, this requires the expertise of a company that wants to understand not only your need for more space but also help to help expand your platform’s worship flexibility. Church Interiors will produce a unique design at a significant cost savings compared to the traditional method of architecture and contracting.

The platform is the centerpiece of the Sanctuary and its efficiency is vital to not only Sunday church services, but any event. We supplement our design team with architects, audio visual and lighting experts, as well as rendering artists to ensure we create a beautiful and flexible platform. We often install removable risers and modesty screens to help keep your platform flexible for traditional or contemporary worship. Our team works closely with your music ministry when it comes to instrument and musician locations and helps suggest the proper building materials to maximize the natural sound of your space. Call us today to find a Church Interiors Consultant in your area.