Church Carpet & Flooring

Church Carpet 40 oz. – 50 oz. Broadloom Products

Church Carpet & Flooring

  • 20 year wear warranties against wear, wrinkling and edge ravel
  • Custom dyed to match pew upholstering at no extra charge
  • Reflects sound better than traditional carpet
  • Shows less tracking than cut-pile carpet
  • Approved for commercial use

Church Carpet Modular Tile or Broadloom Multi-loop Products

  • 20 year wear warranties against wear
  • Hides soiling
  • Ideal for multi-use facilities
  • Great for high traffic areas
  • Easy maintenance

Church Interiors, Inc. is the largest church carpet and floor covering contractor in the United States. We have sanctuary remodeling installation crews in all parts of the country that are certified to install all types of floor coverings. Our crews are experienced with the removal and reinstallation of the pews and theatre seating in a professional manner.

Special Design Note: Our sanctuary remodeling & renovation designers will work with your music ministry to choose the proper type of church carpet, chairs, floor covering and pews to enhance your sanctuary remodeling project.

Church Flooring

Church Interiors will also install porcelain tile, luxury vinyl tile, laminated hardwoods and solid hardwood flooring throughout your worship facility. Many older facilities currently have carpet in the narthex and foyer areas. Our team typically will specify a harder more durable surface for your entry ways. Porcelain tile or luxury vinyl tile tend to withstand high traffic areas much better than carpet and are easier to maintain. Platforms throughout the worship industry were carpeted in the past. Today we highlight the platform area and install solid hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is more sound reflective and provides the church the ability to hear more natural sound from the choir and musical events. Call us today to receive more information about our church flooring and how we can help improve the beauty and function of your floors.

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