Steeples & Baptisteries


Church SteeplesIt is recommended that the height of your steeple be approximately the same distance from grade to roof peak of building (ground to the highest part of the roof line). Base width should be 1/10 overall width of building. Steeples are divided into 4 categories based on the overall height of steeple. Ambassador, Beacon, Premier and Architectural series offer a large variety of sizes and configurations that include standard details along with a selection of optional accessories to choose from during the restoration or renovations of your church.

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BaptisteriesYour baptistery should be drained after every use. If you are planning to leave water in the baptistery for extended periods of time, it is recommended that you consider adding the Aqua Seal barrier coat to the standard Gel Coat finish during renovations. This additional barrier will help prevent the water from penetrating into the glass laminate and causing potential blistering. Pre-Plumbed Heater options are now available when you purchase a baptistery along with the heating system. This factory installed system saves onsite plumbing expenses and additional installation cost for your church remodeling, restoration, or renovations.

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